5% Fee
due on completion.

The industry standard is 20% of basic salary, that is what most agencies charge a company for a successful application.

We can offer a better rate of 5%. The benefits of our automated technology enable us to offer this competitive rate which the competition cannot match.

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Welcome to Retired Recruitment!

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    To kick start our recruitment drive membership is Free to Candidates seeking employment. Enjoy the benefits of the community for free.

    Here you will be able to search for jobs, friendships and offer your skills and experience to prospective employers. You can search for free to see if you would like to join our community. If you want to apply for a vacancy offered or contact a fellow member then there is a small joining fee. Registration is very simple and the online payment is guaranteed to be secure.

    You are just a few clicks away from finding that ideal position......

    Companies seeking experienced candidates

    The best labour market with the highest level of ability is the newly retired.

    Most Job Seeker Agencies can only think inside the box by catagorising candidates on their skill sets, never considering a retired candidate has the widest ability and the greatest skill sets earned from their experience.

    For example a newly retired MD wants a job at a lower level and would be content to bring all his skills into the work environment. A vacancy for an office manager is open, the MD would bring much more to the employer, and both benefit from the relationship.

    Companies are welcome to advertise their vacancies and also peruse the available candidates on line using the sophisticated searches we offer. Companies will need to register, this is free. A small fee is charged for a successful completion of a vacancy.

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